What if you love him but he doesn't love you?

August 17, 2008 10:51am CST
it happens all the time we encounter a man and we fall in love for some it may happen instantly for others it take weeks, even months to develop. But what if the final result is that you're inlove with him, but he's not?...we know men can be sort of clueless about affairs of the heart and matters of compatibility so what will you do?
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17 Aug 08
my honest opinion is this you can't control who you love its not humanly possible, i am kind of in that situation but the thing i did was tell him how i felt and ask for his responce on it and let him know that if he doesn't feel same way then at least you know that at least he knows there isn't much more you can do about it
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18 Aug 08
I too believe that we can't control who we love and why? I think we should wait for circumstances to get favorable and then ask or express our feelings.
@subha12 (18449)
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18 Aug 08
it seems you are n true love.. there are so amny discussion you have staerted in love section. regarding this discussion, i think it will be most painful when i will come to know the person whom i love does not love me.