@almae01 (112)
August 17, 2008 11:23am CST
Hi, i have been feeling so stressed... sometimes i dont have enough motivation to do everything i need to get done, so i end up saying i will do it later.. anyone has any tips on how to motivate yourself? what do you do when this happens?
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• Malaysia
17 Aug 08
Try to brainwash your sub-conscious mind! This technique was taught by a trainer in a motivation seminar which I attended about 2 years ago. She told us that our sub-conscious mind is very powerful if we know how to utilise it. Before you go to bed, simply tell yourself repeatedly what you intend to do. But you must use only short sentence with "Simple Present Tense with positive words" . There mustn't be any negative words such as 'No' or 'never' or 'don't'.
@almae01 (112)
• Spain
17 Aug 08
Hi, yea i heard about that but have never done it, i will give it a try, thanks!
@rup011 (726)
• Germany
17 Aug 08
Oh yes. I some times feel the same. But most of the times its an excuse just to use the computer. I do just the minimal required things like cooking for the family, feeding my kid, taking care of all her needs, washing clothes etc. But some tasks like repairing some thing in the house is just put off by me. I really feel tired after the house work and taking care of my kid and family, that I need some time to relax and thats the time when I use my laptop and use internet. When I feel that I have to sacrifice that time, I really put off those tasks. I hate doing it, but some how, its difficult to make up my mind.
@maryannemax (12168)
• Sweden
17 Aug 08
i do have this sickness called "i will do it later". it is not a good one and i am not proud of having this sickness. what i do is i write down the list of what i should do for a week. i write down the date and day when i should be finished with a certain task already. i stick to my plan and thus, helping me to finish everything that i am supposed to do.