How can you forget someone you start to fall?

August 17, 2008 12:07pm CST
I have a friend who falls in love with our officemate but then the guy is her very close friend and is already committed with someone she always ask me how will she forget the guy that she thinks she already fall in love to? Help! Got any suggestions?
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• Spain
17 Aug 08
Time!!!!! time is your best friend when it comes to forgetting someone. And if your friend fell in love...i just see it as a crush. suggest her to go out with friends, meet new people, and start seeing other guys. this will help alot. get her lots of distractions!!!! and time...time will heal any wound...some take longer, but they eventually heal, its not like romeo and juliet ;)
@SHAMRACK (8586)
• India
17 Aug 08
Dear friend, I do hope love has no barriers, may be the sincere love is always to be accepted and one sided love would be a mess if one do not deal it properly and peacefully. Hence here I feel if one want to forget I do not hope it could be forgotten easily may be a better friendship method may do better. Trying to forget may be success may be being friends with the permission of present lover may be better and it would be more better if the matter is settled more peacefully.