August 17, 2008 2:49pm CST
my first airtravel experience was to germany from india. i was really excited to travel by flight as it was my first airtravel. i always use to tell my husband lets go for a holiday travelling by flight n we got the oppurtunity to travel. it was a journey with connections from bangalore-mumbai-zurich-frankfurt n then by train 1hr to my place. it was really long journey with so many connections as we didnt get direct flight n my husband was like- telling me see i have got u in so many flights, is ur desired fulfilled , n my answer was i told him to take me by flight n not to tire me or irritate me by flights. how about u all ur first travel experience by flights?
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@maximax8 (30060)
• United Kingdom
17 Aug 08
My first flight was from London to Athens, three and a half hours long. I liked taking off and seeing the view before we went into the clouds. When the plane was descending I got severe ear pain. After that my mum and I got a coach to the port and then a ship to Spetse Island. Coming home there was a delay of many hours at Athens airport. People were all sleeping on the floor and it was crowded. We were tired by the time we did get on our plane home. It was ten years later that a friend gave me pair of ear planes that stopped all my ear pain. Then I began to enjoy flying as well as reaching my destination.
• India
17 Aug 08
i can understand usually while take-off n also while landing u feel the noise of the plane so much that it effects our ears for sometime n make num, but later its fine n u start enjoying