Long live Sony .

August 18, 2008 10:26am CST
It was in the July 1997 when we bought our Sony Television and since then it has served us without any break at all . Last Saturday , after serving for more than eleven long years continuously it finally broke down for the first time . Over the years , it's been the most reliable asset in our Living Room and we almost started thinking that our TV could never get any problem at all . But I can hardly remember anybody claiming that latest TV models are trouble-free . The very next day , I called on the Service mechanic from the Sony Service Station and the guy changed a few parts (a capacitor,an IC etc.) of the TV and it was back in action in half an hour . What TV do you have at your home now ? Do you think that with the technology becoming cheaper by the day the companies are concentrating more on quantity instead of quality ? What are your views ?
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• Philippines
18 Aug 08
Hi! We too have a Sony CRT TV at home. It's been here for several years (not sure but sometime within 1991-1993 I think. It's been broken only once. Now, there's some glaring effect but still works! I love the TV because it's durable for years. The quality of the screen is also great. When DVD's first came out, I was thinking if the TV will create good output. It did make great video output though Most people I know still use CRT's so I haven't heard anyone complain on new model TV's yet. Maybe the companies that produce those still make quality TV's but maybe the new technology used is not supposed to last as long as our TV's do. So hooray for Sony CRT's!