The best way to make money on Mylot!

money - This could be happening to you if you follow my tips! lol
November 5, 2006 2:53am CST
From personal experience, I have found the best way to make money on Mylot is to reply to as many discussions as possible. Answer with in depth, informative answers. The guidelines state that you should not answer with one word answers just to get your numbers up. Games are against the rules too for example, seeing how high you can count in a discussion. It is pointless joining in as it will only get deleted! Make sure you take advantage of every feature. Add plenty of relevant tags to everything, include images with all your discussions and follow up people's answers with your own comments. Basically make full use of everything on the site! Be sure to follow links to advertisers websites too because they are how we get paid! I just wanted to let you know to do these things so you can make as much money as possible! Unfortunately for me I just don't have the time to be on here a lot but I wish I did!
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• India
29 Nov 06
ppl dnt knw this but photos are a good way to make money... i've got more money thru my photos than thru discussions
@owlwings (43074)
• Cambridge, England
6 Nov 06
A very good analysis. You are doing very well! +
• Indonesia
5 Nov 06
hi - hi
if u post every one u make MONEY
@rosey3223 (1569)
• United States
5 Nov 06
WOW, I think that was the most informative discussion about this topic that I have found yet, thanx.