i have awuestion about mylot

August 18, 2008 7:34pm CST
how many new discussions do you have to start and leave comments in order to get a $1 does anybody know????
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@vegegirl (828)
• Australia
19 Aug 08
I don't know but my current total is $3.10 and I am nearly at my 150 post. But your number of posts doesn't reflect all the responses you leave for people who respond to your posts (for example my most popular post has about 41 responses and I have responded to a lot). When you respond to these, your count doesn't go up here. I have also received a few best responses, and I think all these things might make a difference... ie. getting best responses and getting lots of responses to your posts
• Malaysia
19 Aug 08
I'm a newbie here and I have started posting responses and started a few discussion in Mylot about 3 or 4 days ago. At the moment, I earned $0.54 after posting 27 responses. I think that's a good start. Like what the other Mylotters said, the earning varies amongst Mylotters, depending on their activity here. Anyway, I think this is a good place to get feedback or opinion about things that you're interested in, while earning a little extra cash. It may take some time to reach my payout amount $10, but I think it gives me the thrill to work towards it, and now I'm addicted to posting in mylot.
• Philippines
19 Aug 08
well i do leave comments that are descriptive as they say in there, please be as descriptive as possible so you must be descriptive... just enjoy it and you might be shocked if you reach the minimum payout so soon hehe.. you know its easy when your enjoying mylot but if you don't like it here and you just want to earn but no fun, that will be boring and tiring
@Lejandro (1530)
• United States
19 Aug 08
It's a total mystery really. I have 153 posts but my total to date is $4. I write 3-6 lines and do 5-12 posts daily for a month now. Certainly there's a lot of variables involved and quality is a big part of it. There are days I post 12 and I earn $0.12 and there are days I post 5 and I get $0.24. I have stopped breaking down the science. I can only spend 2 hours max a day here anyway. Key here is to enjoy the community. So have fun. Enjoy!