How will a Sardar kill a fish?

November 5, 2006 3:00am CST
How will a Sardar kill a fish?How will a Sardar kill a fish?
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• United States
28 Dec 06
sardar cuts the fish sardar prepare fish sardar eats dish
@anjuscor (1266)
• India
6 Feb 07
Once a sardar was travelling in a plane when the airhostess announced that we are now passing over the equator. The sardar got very excited, picked up his binoculars and started searching for the equator. After some time he called the airhostess and demanded.... I want so see the equator....I can't find it and u said we are passing over it. The airhostess, embarrassed, replied "Sir, the equator is just an imaginary line and you can't see it." The sardar got furious and said -"But you just announced it and we are passing over it so why can't we see it." This caused a big confusion and argument in the plane and one crewmember passing by got an idea. He came over to the sardar and said "Sardarji you look down with your binoculars and I will show you the equator." The sardar looked down. The crew member plucked a hair from sardarji's head and placed it in front of the binoculars. "Sardarji can you see the equator?????" "Yes! yes!" replied the sardar, "I can see it wide and clear. I can even see animals roaming over it!"
• Egypt
25 Dec 06
And for the third time :- How will a Sardar kill a fish ?
@ricky1209 (1677)
• India
23 Dec 06
A Sardarji, very proud of his humour used to say to his wife leaving for the office : 'Good bye Char Bacchon ki Maa' . One day his wife fed up of this answered : ' Bye Bye, Doo Bacchon Ke Baap'. That ended the husband's witticisms.
@alladisada (2305)
• India
7 Nov 06
Sardar - Sardar
he cuts the fish and prepare nice dish and eats the dish with chapathi