What is the most addicting game ever?

United States
August 18, 2008 8:43pm CST
It can be video games, board games, etc. What are some of the most addicting games you ever played? For me it is a game called Runescape. I played for 3 hours straight when I was about 9 or 10.
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@olliekobra1 (1826)
9 Mar 12
I play an xbox game called Baldurs gate which is abit like a dungeon and dragons type computer game i love that game i can play that game for hours.
@Reyachan (589)
• Romania
16 Jan 12
Any game i like causes an addiction! Actually anything i like causes one ;)) I'm kidding. Truth is i'm doing my best to stay away from games because when i start one i usually play to finish it. It's a fun activity,but at a certain point in your life there are priorities you can't skip. Like the job for example :) Last game i was addicted to was Torchlight. It's a game made by the old team who created Diablo. The steampunkish style, the graphics and the fighting style totally got me hooked on it for a week or so. It was the only thing i wanted to do when i got home from work :p Before that ...well the list is long and it includes some MMORPGs and trust me when i say, these are the most "dangerous" :P As you play and also find other interesting people in these games you get more and more hooked.Like you have with RuneScape :D Right now my passions leans towards hidden object games because they're fast to finish and quite entertaining, with lots of puzzles and mysteries and towards borad games which is me and my friend's latest passion. It's very fun and less time consumming. We're actually thinking of using our experience towards making one ourselves :)
• Romania
20 Aug 08
i was addicted to pc games like FIFA, NFS and others....now i play a online rpg...i met a lot of ppl there and it's pleasent :P I play board games with my friends when we meet at my home, like monopoly, checkers, rummy, cards and other :P
@hellcowboy (7380)
• United States
19 Aug 08
There are several games that I would say are quite addicting one of those is the board game clue because you can play game after game and lose track of time while trying to figure out who did it,where,and with what weapon,another game that is quite addicting is Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64 each time I play it I will sit for a couple hours and beat the game from beginning to end,unable to stop until I take every last picture.
@Riptide (2761)
• United States
19 Aug 08
I would have to say Tetris and Zelda. Then there is Bejeweled of course, that came can keep me occupied for quite awhile.