Ourage at solgan printed on Disney's Knickers

August 19, 2008 3:40am CST
There has been outrage at words printed on Disney's High School Musical Knickers. One woman brought these knickers for her seven year old granddaughter on arriving home she found the knickers which have "Dive In" printed on them. She feels that the wording was 'sexually suggestive' The NSPCC and the NUT (National union of teachers)have also said this is inappropriate. A Disney spokesman have apologised for any offence caused. But also say that the knickers were designed around High School Musical 2 which mains parts centre around a swimming pool. The slogan is in reference to the famous scene at the end of the film where they all dive into the swimming pool. Here is the link to the full story. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1044496/Outrage-High-School-Musical-knickers-young-girls-emblazoned-words-Dive-In.html So what do you think do you think people are overreacting to this?. Or do you think that there is just cause to be concerned? Would you buy these knickers for your daughter?.
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• Canada
19 Aug 08
First off can I just say that the movie is called HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! It is meant for older Kids, not pre-teens. I do not let my daughter watch that movie even though other 5 year olds are watching it. It has content that a child her age cannot understand and even if she does, I don't want her knowing about at that age. Also, these clothes are inappropriate in general for any child under the age of 15. They are designed around what the students wore in the movie! Why would ANYONE buy their child something so suggestive in the first place. Dont sit there and say that the slogan is suggestive but the clothes are not. I think places like LaSenza Girl should be banned as these "grown up" clothes for kids should be banned. The government needs to step in and control the types of KIDS clothes they allow our stores to sell. No wonder the kids are becoming premiscuous at such a young age. The parents are allowing their kids to dress like floosies. This grandmother needs to think about what she's buying before she goes ahead and complains about a slogan on it. Try buying the 7 year old clothes that are appropriate for a 7 year old!
20 Aug 08
High school musical is actually rated P.G so could be considered a family film to some. I have to disagree not all of the clothes i have seen based on it are unsuitable for the younger children. But i do agree that some of the clothes that are on the market are totally unsuitable for young girls. Just today me and my 11 year old daughter were shopping for underwear and i came across padded bra and knicker sets for girls starting at age 8. I have to say i was quite distrubed by this and refused to buy them for my daughter.
@kenzie45230 (3560)
• United States
19 Aug 08
That's definitely inappropriate wording for kids' underwear - or even for teen underwear (although it's doubtful that they would want to wear it). Frankly, I never saw the need to buy my kid clothes that were branded that way. I'm sure he felt deprived - for maybe a minute.
20 Aug 08
I have to agree my 11 year old daugther enjoys High School Musical but would not been seen in the clothes based on it. I try to avoid clothes that are branded in that way as well because children change there mind about what they like so quickly.
@Wizzywig (7858)
19 Aug 08
Maybe the woman should have actually looked at what she was buying for her grandaughter! She must take some responsibility. As it happens, its probably not appropriate wording for childrens knickers because the designers must've realised the unfortunate 'double entendre'. There are plenty of other clothing items for young girls out there with more suggestive wording..... but of course, that doesn't make it appropriate.
20 Aug 08
Her excuse was that the knickers were folded in the pack and she could not see the slogan until she took them out.
• Puerto Rico
27 Aug 08
Over reacting is not the word . The word is preoccupation . In these day where everything count .we have to be aware what in this world. It make you think of many thing and we have to aware of all these thing.Do take this like nothing happen. The age of star war ,computer.game in internet we have to be aware of everything.