Life us bit a Commodity to Perish It is Precious

August 19, 2008 9:15am CST
Some mentally sick people on the earth are making the life to perish due to their negative approach towards human being. They do not have respect to the human values and humanity and their activities have made it hell. Take the instances of 9/11 and serial Bomb blasts in many countries around the world. This is the handiwork of some fundamentalist and I think they are mentally imbalance their approach towards humanity is negative. The creator has given a precious gem in the shape of life on the earth every body should make efforts to save it from perishing. I have respect for life because to me the life is lovable and we must live it with dignity. This is the duty of the Governments around the world to tackle the problem of terrorism and other activities in the world so that the precious life is not allowed to perish. What is your opinion about the life please discuss.
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@vanities (11410)
• Davao, Philippines
20 Aug 08
life is precious of course ..since we have to live only once in our lifetime..and that we should take care of it and live a life to its fullest..and those people whose motive is to destroy life..then they must be punished to the full extent of the law so that no one will imitate them..these people are insane i guess..trying to cut off ones life just for a cause that they themselves are the only one that will be selfish and uncaring..
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
19 Aug 08
It's human negativity in general that is collectively destroying everything. There is always some hidden agenda for someone somewhere and in turn this is slowly and surely killing off human SPIRIT. The biggest question is who will ultimately win? It is a constant cliched battle of good versus evil which arguably creates a balance yes; but for sure in the longer run will obliterate us all. Human beings are one of the very few living things that kill for pleasure for one. Take commercialization and organized religions out of the picture and we may have had a chance.....