Mistakes by CNN

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August 19, 2008 10:38am CST
Alright - we know noone is perfect so this is topic should be more something like "a fun one" than a "how stupid ar they?" -- I guess you get my point. So what is this about? "Mistakes by CNN" Have you ever watched for example the weather forcast and noticed that a country/state/.. was not where it actually should be? Tell us about it here. Did they ever talk about something which happend somewhere but you heard or know that it happend somewhere else? Tell us about it here. Actually many people think that the news are evenhanded - but the truth is, they often are not. It's in human nature and not everyone is able to really bring up stuff impartial. No matter if it's a comment of the journalist or when the people are reading something. Noticed anything like that? Tell us about it here. Maybe you also have screencaps of that *moment* or you recorded it and can show us it as video. Or you found something on another site... There is only one rule for this topic - it has to be about CNN and not about general news. Since CNN is a channel most countries in the world can watch - people from everywhere can find/see/notice/... mistakes. Doesn't matter if they are very little or huge... Just don't forget.. we all are humans - so are the journalists and newsreporters. ;-)
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