Is it necessary to have someone in your life to make you happy???

August 19, 2008 11:48am CST
hi to all i think it is not at all necessary to have somebody's interference in your life to make you all depends on you whether you want to stay happy or not after all its your own life and you should not depend on others to get happiness rather than should lead your life in a independent way. remaining happy is the best medicine to cure all kind of diseases if you want to make others happy then its a very good nature and very few people in this cruel world have got the ability to make others happy and those people are really GOD gifted in my point of view because its very easy to give others pain in fraction of seconds but its very difficult to make others happy so best thing is do not ever depend on others in search of happiness its there in you just feel it and stay happy.
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@cripfemme (7710)
• United States
20 Aug 08
I don't think it's necessary to have someone romantic in your life. But it would hard too be happy if you had no one to share your life's joys with. By no one I mean no friends, no family, no partner, no colleagues. That would be wicked hard for me. I can't imagine that life!
• India
21 Aug 08
for this kind of feelings only which normally comes into human mind i have written that be independent about your life don't be dependent on others to get happiness after all its your own life OK
19 Aug 08
Hi mayurakhil, I think you are very right in what you say, someone can make very unhappy but they can't make happy, you have only yourself to make you happy so you don't need anyone in your life to make you happy. Tamara
• India
20 Aug 08
thank you tamara do you have any kind of experience on this topic
@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
22 Aug 08
I'd say yes I need someone in my life to be happy. Right now happiness for me is taking care of my kids and husband. So I need them to feel loved and taken care of, and when I knew they feel how much I care for them, that's the only time that makes me happy, and another thing. my family is my happiness. but if your on to saying that do we really need a boyfriend or girlfriend or significant other to be happy? then I say not, you can be happy without those, but still you can't be happy without someone on your side, may it be parents, family or friends.