what are you like's and dislikes in a relationship?

@clarizz (354)
August 19, 2008 2:12pm CST
sometimes we want it to be perfect. we talk to our partner to know what are they like's and dislikes in your relationship. all of us don't like cheating even me. i realy hate it. i even don't want to hear lies from my partner. those are the things that makes me go on different way. my likes for my relationship are: i want him to share his future dream, i want that every mistakes that i/him did tell me if he/i don't like it and why. it makes me learn more and know him more. there are some that i like and dislikes in a relationship. whats yours? any advice or lesson you learned?
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@bamakelly (5193)
• United States
19 Aug 08
I have been married for almost four years now. There is a lot to learn from relationships. I have had a few in my younger years. Trust is a very important aspect to any relationship. I like to have a partner who communicates effectively. I do not like to nag but I do like to make sure that the bills are paid and I like to make sure my husband is handling things the way that he should. I don't like when there is no communication. I don't like when there isn't feed back about something that I find important. I really do not want to ask questions over and over again to my husband but I feel that I need to sometimes.
@clarizz (354)
• Philippines
20 Aug 08
yes, trust and communication is the most important in a reletaionship in relationship. cheers! happy mylotting!