Anyone knows this guy?

@DawGwath (1042)
August 19, 2008 4:04pm CST
I was expecting more fans around here, but it seems George Carlin hasn't received much attention in the mylot community. What can I say, he's the greatest comedian ever, didn't like censorship and wasn't afraid to fight against it, didn't like b.s., didn't like hypocrisy and was good at making fun of anything. The world lost a great man this year, a man who revolutionized stand-up comedy.
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@palonghorn (5483)
• United States
19 Aug 08
George Carlin was a funny man, 'was' being the operative word. I used to love watching him, he would take everyday things and make people see the funny side of it. But, in his later years, he became way too political for me, and was not as funny as he once was. Didn't look at your age, but I do remember when he used to do the 'hippy dippy weather man, man'. For a lot of people that was back when George Carlin was funny.
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@DawGwath (1042)
• Romania
20 Aug 08
Well, if you can see, he had an evolution, something like, having the guts to do it. As the years passed, he started to pick on politics and religion, which are subjects of great deal. Not many take the courage to talk about them in a satirical way. Yeah, I haven't been for too long on this earth, but I've seen most of his work, and I appreciate it a lot.