Can Anyone Inform Me About the Pirate Code Laid Down By Morgan and Bartholomew?

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August 19, 2008 4:15pm CST
What I love about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is the inter-connectedness of the three movies. One thread that appears in them is a reference to the Code of Morgan and Bartholomew. Who are these two pirates? Are they real historical men, or are they imaginative creations of the Disney team?
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@egdcltd (8203)
19 Aug 08
Although the code is probably fictional, the pirates may be based on Admiral Sir Henry Morgan and Bartholomew Sharp.
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20 Aug 08
Are these the same as "Captain Morgan" and "Black Bart"? I'm fairly certain that the code is absolutely fictional. There was a little part in the special features of the third film that even showed them making up the book - which was just such a monstrous piece of prop-work that they actually had to cut it down in order for it to be opened! Thanks for your reply!