Have you ever wished life has a DELETE/ERASE button?

August 19, 2008 5:40pm CST
i've wished for it before but i realized that to have my bad memories/experiences erased is not a good idea. No matter how painful it is for me it made me a better person today.
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@flzats (16)
• Turkey
19 Aug 08
No but "go back" button would be nice....
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• Philippines
21 Aug 08
thanks for the reply yup i guess "go back" button is much better than delete button at least if we have that in life we can always look back to whatever mistakes we've made in the past and learn from it and go also go back to some good memories we had with our love ones.
@jingke (106)
• China
20 Aug 08
Yes!many times I have dreamed of.Althouth the bad memories were staying in our mind,deleting some memories means dose good to our present.Maybe they are not the bad memories which can be someone or something that we can not accomplish during the rest of life.
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• China
19 Aug 08
heyt frnd.!! i think whats going on in life is good for us..!! if we have such buttons then we cant enjoy our life..!! so everything is rgt..no need to change anything.!! keep lotting dear
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@sunshinecup (7873)
19 Aug 08
Well for the most part, I agree. Our experiences in life do serve to make us stronger people. However there are some that served the opposite, that hold us back, or just out right haunt us. Those I wish I could erase permanently from my memory.
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@hichamov (507)
• Morocco
26 Aug 08
yeah it would be great :))))) no im kidding, there is a saying : we draw lessons from the past but we don't have to live with it . Life can't be always Good!! always there is a Pains, problems and so on, that's why we keep the smile and we always we do our best to going through ;)