Its all coming back!

@ChaiDy (27)
August 19, 2008 9:49pm CST
Hello everyone nice to be back in this site. I miss this and my friends here, anyway what makes me busy this past years,weeks, and days.. First i got a boyfriend and he love me so much. since we started dating. i don't have much time for net and surfing. My boyfriend and i were been together for almost a year and a half. We live together. And i work in a small company. and my boyfriend is older than me. He is 5years a head of me. He is very kind and responsible man i ever meet. anyway i love him and he love me. and when we started live-in for a months. And one day we just notice that god gave us a special gift of our life. A baby boy a very loving and caring baby boy. He is 4months old now. i don't have a problem with my baby boy since i gave birth in him. seems like he cared for me. he understands me always. for my age is not really experienced so much about babies.. but my baby is very understanding. he knows when i am sleepy, he knows when i am tired. and he doesn't cry a lot. a very smiling baby. and i thank god for giving me such a wonderful baby and a partner. my boyfriend and i where not yet married and we just look forward for our baby for future....
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@Anne18 (11032)
23 Aug 08
Well my fellow mylotter, Its very good to have you back in the fold. So pleased that life is going wel for you. Make sure you stay here and keep posting loads, and if you have to go away again make sure its for not as long. Well done on coming back to find us all.
@ChaiDy (27)
• Philippines
1 Sep 08
thank you anne for the reply :d TAKE CARE AND MORE BLESSINGS :D