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Lubbock, Texas
August 19, 2008 10:23pm CST
Has anyone stayed with Alerpay bux as a free member? I kept thinking "ok, I kind of understand only being able to draw part of your earnings if your a free member", but the first time I clicked on cash out I had $1.00. I got the message OOOPs you're only allowed to collect .18 of your earnings. Alert pay minimum is $1.00. So I clicked for two more days, clicked on cash out again just to see how much I was actually allowed. OOOOPs, you're only allowed to collect .17 of your earnings..... Clicked another week til I was up to $2. Clicked on cash out again and got the message OOOOOPS, you're only allowed to collect .12 of your earnings. The more I earned the less I was allowed to cash in. I got tired of that and dropped it. I know if you're a paid member you can cash out at $5, but I don't have the money in my alert pay account to upgrade, and I'm not sure I want to stay with them if they treat free members that way. How do you feel about it?
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• United States
20 Aug 08
I'm not really partial to the idea, but it is what it is - i think most of the sites have a bit of weirdness to the earning/cash-out process my most recent tick-off was one upgrade that i was saving for went up to $100 per year - guess THAT won't be happening! i do like alertpaybux, and it's one that I'm considering upgrading - of course that requires cashing out on at least 3 sites... i wouldn't drop out yet - I'm getting pretty close, with the help of a single referral!