have you experienced any miracle in your life!!

@magna86 (1787)
August 20, 2008 12:19am CST
for me the answer would be yes!![well it happened jus a year ago.. after my college got over.. i was coming back home... it was a high way road.. and it was an afternoon and the sun was burning hot!! i was having an umbrella ,and i was looking down coz the sunlight was too much that i could look straight!!then suddenly a lorry jus came infront and passed by me!!! my friends shouted "look out"!!1 and at that time,at that instant i stood still, not knowing wat happened!! you wont believe.. that lorry was only inches way, it should have hit me... and the funny part is that i never moved!! even after it passed me!! i was in a shock!!!!i was thinking how could such a thing happen!!! " i always thought -it should have hit me.. how did it miss me". well but i guess, i was lucky or say it was a miracle!!have u come across such a moment in life where u would think it was a "miracle"??
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