i have been apprehended..

August 20, 2008 8:39am CST
twice i was caught jaywalking, the first one i paid a fine. the second one was worse coz i got no penny with me and they asked me to sing the national anthem in front of spectators insteads. it was really humiliating. i can sing but of my own notes and you could just imagine how red my color then was. my other option was to do a community service within the vicinity for an hour. that was perfectly fine with me and i would rather do that than belting out the anthem. but hey i've got work to start in another 15 minutes and well, i wish nobody there ever knew me. i won't have the courage to face those cheering crowd again..
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@asliah (11141)
• Philippines
24 Mar 13
LOL,the last thing you did to pay for your second offense was really funny,because if that will happen to me i will feel ashamed to sing in the front of spectators,and aside from that i don't want to pay money so i would rather avoid crossing in the road where jaywalking is prohibited.