Are you the one to get - rid - of -the - dead - cat in your relationship?

United States
August 20, 2008 1:33pm CST
It seems to me that in my relationship I am always the one that has to give in to do the things that neither of us is willing to do. For example: Last week there was a dead cat in my yard. Not my cat! a stray that either came into the yard and got attacked my my dogs or the dogs somehow drug up here. Of course, I asked my husband to get it and do somthing with it! However he didn't. Hours later when I was out in the yard and saw it still there I asked him again and he said that it would make him sick. Hmm.. like it will not make me sick? I just went ahead and did it like all the other times I go ahead and take care of the undesirable chores that no one wants to do. It really makes me feel "less important" in the relationship when this happens. Does this happen to you? What is there to do but get into a huge fight over somthing that I will most likely end up having to do anyway. Is a huge fight worth it even if it does make him do it? What do you think?
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