@JannaLee (660)
August 20, 2008 1:54pm CST
Help! I tried to send my friend to US a gift through i gave the wrong address...I would like to call UPS but it seems to be so expensive to call it from my country...i would like to call amazon, but i can't contact them as well...What can I do?Help me...thanks
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@myklj999 (38552)
• Olney, Illinois
20 Aug 08
UPS has a website that you should be able to contact someone on.
@robert19ph (4584)
• Philippines
20 Aug 08
[u]Hello JannaLee, It looks like you are in a bind. If you can't contact UPS here because it is expensive, try contacting your friend from the US and let them know of your dilemna and if possible they can contact UPS and give them their correct address. If these is not possible you need to try contacting amazon you might have some success today. Do you know their policy if they can't deliver the gift or deliver the gift to a wrong person. I am sure they won't just give the gift to the wrong address you give them because someone has to sign the receipt and maybe provide some id to see if they are delivering it to the right person. Most likely the gift will not be delivered and they will contact you for the right information. But it's better if you contact them first. Good luck and may you receive a better advise than this.[/u]