How can I publish a payment proof?

@bdsurf (703)
August 20, 2008 2:59pm CST
I know how to publish a picture in mylot,its easy. But how you save your payment proof picture in your computer? Today I gone in my paypal & alertpay account to downlod the payment proof picture in my pc. But, when I keep the mouse on the picture, I saw that Save picture as is not is not clickable. Then I mark the whole picture. This time I succeeded to save the picture but I go in my picture I only found a little part of the picture. Like,for alertpay only the alertpay logo.Then tried many times but failed
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@repzkoopz (1895)
• Philippines
21 Aug 08
best thing for you to do is take a screenshot of the whole screen. 1. hit "Print Screen" key (usually above the insert key) 2. open Paint and paste the image you copied (you won't really see anything copied until you hit paste) 3. save your image (File Save As), i would suggest JPEG to keep the file size at minimum.
@bigtom1 (1573)
20 Aug 08
You can take a screenshots of the page, if you use other computers there is snipping tool whick you can use to take a picture of your monitor. To find the snipping tool just search for snipping in your start menu. You can download one from as well!
@mysdianait (65058)
• Italy
20 Aug 08
I can tell you how I do it. I have created an account on I save my proofs using Paint: Open your Alertpay or paypal proof that you with to save then with the page open -F12 -Print then open Paint - then 'copy' you should then see the page you want to save. Using the tools on the left cancel out any important data (email adresses and reference number) then -save Create a file 'payment proofs' and save them all there. Then go to the account you have creatred on Photobucket and upload your proof. You will then get an url or a HTML code and can show your proof over and over again. Hope this helps (ask if you have queries ).