PTC sites are down one by one!

Hacker - Who is the hacker?
August 20, 2008 10:07pm CST
It sure is dismotivating if you are one of the regular ptc clickers like me. I have been clicking for ads for the past one month plus. So far I have only reached payout in 2 of them. The others I have earned around $2 to $4 in my respective ptc accounts. The past weeks I have seen countless ptc sites disappeared from the net. Yep, many said it is under DoS attack. I believe some of the ptc sites are genuinely affected such as NeoBux, and But for bux-4-clicks and x3bux, I think they are cheating our clicking money. Their sites suddenly disappeared! These admins are really dishonest people who make their money by cheating. They are the same as those crooks in the offline world. The only difference is we can't punish them. So they will go on and on by setting up another ptc site and repeat the process again. How can we ever put a stop to all this? Maybe we need to devise a plan here? Maybe we need to be united in our fight in put a stop to all this? How? Yes, there is the golden question? But what is the golden answer? Maybe it takes a HACKER to catch a HACKER!
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@onerygirl (549)
• United States
21 Aug 08
I definitely understand what you are saying. I have been trying this for over a year and have had at least 10 go out of business. I recently thought bux3 had but tonight it popped back up. Now, I just sign up for ones that are in clubs that I have joined. These clubs, like Marketing Pond, are to check them out first and make sure they are good. Marketing Pond has been very good for me with the ones I am in. I have gotten payments on schedule and am nearing payments on some others. I wish I new the answers to the rest though. It would sure be nice.