If you had the opportunity to pick a HP character to interpret his/her role...

August 21, 2008 2:45am CST
who would it be?why did you choose that character?do your identify yourself with the character you chose?what's your favourite scene that the character you chose,interpreted? My fav is the book worm Hermione.She always has something planned.The best scene was in The Prisoner of Azkaban when Ron was in bed after he had an accident and Harry and Hermione had to go in the past to help themselves,help Sirius from the Dementors.The best part was when HArry learnt she had the device that enabled her to go in the past.
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@Nemirae (54)
• Romania
21 Aug 08
I would definitely pick Fred or George just because of their airy and non-problematic attitude ^_^
• India
21 Aug 08
i wud like to br dumbledore working for d greater god always...... n havin great ideas n quite a good guessin power....n bound to be correct always...
• Malta
21 Aug 08
Nemirae you seem like, you like to be perky and create our own set of rules,like Fred and George did.They actually did the opposite of what rules say and with this and their famous, dream joke shop, the movie has some comedy scenes which make us laugh and learn from what they did
• Malta
21 Aug 08
Jewels1234 you chose an interesting character.You seem that you like power, but you know with power comes great responsibility, like Prof.Dumbeldore had every moment that he appears on the screen.But interesting choice.
@ronaldinu (12439)
• Malta
9 Nov 08
I never thought seriously about this question. I would like Harry's role no doubt or that of Ron Weasley because I do think that I can be a loyal friend. © ronaldinu 2008
@tthom64 (535)
• United States
27 Aug 08
In actuality I probably am most like Hermoine. But if I actually were an actress, I think it would be fun to play Luna Lovegood. I don't know if they'll leave this scene in the 6th movie, but I loved in the book when they let Luna commentate for a Quidditch match. Do you remember? She couldn't care less about Quidditch and so she just kept making funny comments about the players and what shape the clouds were making, etc. I hope they put a little of that scene in the movie. It will be a good laugh.