Excel Programming #1: First thing to consider

@agihcam (1915)
August 21, 2008 3:00am CST
Do you have problems starting your excel program? Some users claim that the excel file with macros could not run or nothing happen when they run it. With this, we need to make sure that our PC is capable of running the program by enabling it's macros. Please visit this article to enable the macros http://www.mdmproofing.com/iym/macros.php In order to test if your PC is capable, follow these steps; 1) Hit Alt + F11 2) Right click the Sheet1 then view code 3) Hit Ctrl + G 4) Type msgbox "Hey,it is working now",vbinformation + vbokonly,"Test" 5) Hit enter key You will see a message box. Good luck.
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