Do you like correcting people?

United States
August 22, 2006 7:53am CST
Do you like correcting people's mistaken beliefs or logic errors? Do you think if you don't, someone else will, or are you content to have people remain ignorant?
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@pcruz77 (452)
• Guam
22 Aug 06
I love to correct people's grammatical errors when they speak. I just do it to make them's fun.
• United States
19 Oct 06
Careful, some people will avoid you. :)
@ram_ravi (406)
• India
22 Aug 06
If someone is my good friend I will really tell his or her mistake . Really if I won't tell him , someone else will surely tell him. So it is better that being his friend I should tell him.
@rainbow (6763)
22 Aug 06
It is good to learn about beliefs and advise if a person is curious. It is not good to assume that your beliefs or logic is superior. We all see things from different perspectives and it may be rude to dismiss anothers view. I borrow bits from various places and believe what I like because it suits me, but I would not force anyone to give up their ignorance - I cherish mine.
@cyrux004 (949)
• India
22 Aug 06
Depends how the person on the other side , If he takes it in the right meaning with the attitude towards learning then well and good. If the person on the other side has an attitude like i am never wrong , then i would keep quiet to avoid a stupid argument