Banning Gay Rights in America

@devylan (695)
United States
August 21, 2008 9:31am CST
This is the article I just read: Okay, so I know this is local politics, but I figure if it's happening here in Louisiana, it's bound to be happening elsewhere, right? Read the article. I know even my more conservative friends will find fault in this, or at least, they should. Whatever happened to separation of church and state? And, come on now, don't you think if these religious officials had kept their mouths shut about this, we wouldn't have even noticed any 'wink-wink, nudge-nudge' action behind closed doors? Seriously, this is out of hand. Whether you're Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal, you should find some fault in this decision because this is the United States of America, and this decision goes against what we stand for, equal rights for all citizens. Please, I urge everyone to read the entire article before commenting. Don't just try to answer my questions out of context. Otherwise, you're comments will make no sense to me. Thank you.
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