Driven Rapid Wealth

@rodney850 (2145)
United States
August 21, 2008 10:20am CST
I just wanted to share with the many of you people out there in MyLot land trying to make a little extra money an advertising website that pays their advertisers 200% on every dollar invested in advertising! If any of you have a site that needs traffic this is an excellent way to get better quality traffic to your site while virtually not spending any money at all! The adpack packages start at 10 dollars and your pack includes 3 different ad medias; a text ad, a banner ad and a direct link to your site. I have been advertising with this site for a little over three months with good success and have only spent 10 dollars. I have made enough to reinvest in a second and now a third adpack from my initial investment and all three of my adpacks are still active! My first adpack will reach its 200% maturity in the next month or so and will then expire but by then I will have purchased a couple more to take it's place and all with revenue from my adpacks! If you are interested in at least investigating this site you can go to my profile and click on the bottom banner that has the letters DRW on it. Have a profitable day!
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