How do you deal with jealous gay professors? Any suggestions?

August 21, 2008 1:18pm CST
I have a professor in our university, he is a discreet gay. Although our university is a catholic school they still respect people's personalities. However, with this one prof. I feel as though he is either jealous or he just doesn't like me... Anyway, he is an activities coordinator at our university so he is in charge with any and all activities that we conduct. being the president of an organization i have to report to him but it seems as though every activity i present to him no matter how hard i worked for it or how i defend it having done my research he still declines it. Finally fed up I went to his boss which was a prof. of mine as well for approvals and now he blames me for his boss scolding him about it. I really have no idea why he is out to get me at first I thought maybe it was just me but then my friends and some of my colleagues noticed it. They also noticed how friendly (extremely) he is with my members (most are guys since I'm an engineering student). how should I deal with him? help me.. please... x(
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