Mother Gives All Retirement Away....To someone she doesn't Know....Please Help

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August 21, 2008 3:16pm CST
Somebody please help me. My mother met this man online, he has convinced her that she has a sister that died and has left her the some of 1-million dollars. However, she must pay the sum of $30,000.00 in order to receive her inheritence she has given this man over $20,000.00 in a matter of 4 months. She has sold all of her company stock, cashed in her 401k plan and has since went into involuntary retirement. She now only can live off her social security. Every month she wirers him her whole check. She has not been able to pay her bills. I called her land lord and she informed me that my mother has been late on rent for several months, and that the next time she is late they will serve a 3 day notice. My girlfriend and I straigened it out. My mother promised it wouldn't happen again, well it did. Rent is due, she has not a penny to her name. Everytime I try to ask why she is doing this she says stay out of my bussiness, all we do is fight about it, she doesn't seem to care, she is so convinced she will get this million dollars. She has no money to pay rent, do I turn my back and let her go homeless? She has no source of income and liquidated all of her assets and she is 68 years old. Would I be cruel to let her go homeless and show her tough love and learn a lesson.
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@4magoo (396)
3 Sep 08
This is a very sad story. You may not be able get any money back but I would report it. You can start with your local police. You can also report it to the Federal Government. As for taking her in, I would work on "tough love." She can come to live with you but only if she turns all of her money over to you to help pay the bills. Good luck... this is going to be very hard for you and for her. Who ever this person is, she trusted him and that is very sad.
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21 Aug 08
I'm so sorry that some sleaze bag has taken advantage of your mom! Unfortunately, she's not alone in this as many elderly people are targeted by scammers. The only thing she's guilty of is being too trusting, the poor gal. I could never see myself letting my mom go homeless, so no, I don't think you should do the tough love thing either. Perhaps you should speak with an attorney and possibly the FBI, to see if there's any way that you could regulate her money for her...The FBI may need to get involved because what they are doing is fraud or stealing, whichever, but surely there must be someone out there to help you (and help your mom too). Please remember that your mom is the victim, not the perp. I really feel for you...I'm so sorry that you're all going through this. I hope everything works out ok for you.