Are you much smarter right now?

August 21, 2008 4:50pm CST
It's been quite some time and global recession has not yet come into its end. Prices are up and people's disappointment are growing bigger and bigger. Also add up the global warming issue. With the past months of recession, can you say that you are much smarter with what and when you will buy an item? or are you more knowledgeable with environmentally-friendly products and how are they used?
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@salonga (27814)
• Philippines
22 Aug 08
Well experience really is the best teacher. Things that happen around should make us lear and grow wiser. That the way it should be. The Lord is making all things to happen to teach us good lessons and we should be sensitive enough to know that He wants to teach us. With the past recession, I was able realize that I need to buy only the things that I need. And make sure I am shopping the cheaper but good quality goods. Any few centavos saved when add up can buy another worthy item. And right you are I always consider the environment friendly products to at least help minimize the global warming. I just hope others do have the same thinking so that we could save the world.