Do you believe in TRUE LOVE,

United States
August 21, 2008 11:08pm CST
DO you belive in true love...its hard for me to understand, i feel it in my heart but is it what i think it is.. what is true love do u believe tht there is true love... you can fall in love with anybody, you can open your heart to anybody for A long time and then find somebody else. so do you belive in true love.
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23 Aug 08
apparently i do. it's indeed true love when you can't think of anything else but the face of your beloved. it's indeed true love when you realized that you would rather get hurt than see your beloved suffer. it's indeed true love when you're willing to let go of someone because you want them to be happy when you know it's not with you. it's indeed true love when you would do anything out of the ordinary just to make sure you can spend time and be with your beloved. it's indeed true love when you realized that no matter what happens, your love for your beloved still stand strong and in fact stronger by each day. Love at first sight is so cliche' but apparently it really happens if that other person fels the same way too. They both never realize it was love at first sight until after the first conversation & second look:p No matter how hard you try to resist, how hard for you to open up your heart, true love will come searchig for you and it'll definitely came at the moment you would never expect it. And that time, you would not even think of saying 'No'.
22 Aug 08
I believe in true love.I meet my bf about 2 months ago. N this is true love . I feel in love with him from the moment I saw him.I know it might sound weird but I just love him so much n I want to spend my life with him.I feel it's true love.
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• Indonesia
22 Aug 08
Well.. I don't know what true love is. Love is love and it must be true when you're in love with someone. It must be true when you love someone and you don't care about anything else than your love one. It is true when you love someone you should open your heart completely... so what is a true love means?