My100 (Part 2)

@nizhama2 (295)
August 21, 2008 11:33pm CST
Last night (in fact early in the morning) I hit my 100 posts, I get my star and get number 8 inside it.I posted another respond to make sure that I passed the 100. I'm very happy and post a discussion about it. When I check MyLot this morning, I saw I just get 99 and my star was disappear. I don;t have to be worry coz I only have to start another discussion or respond to others to get my star back, but just want to know if anybody had the same experience??
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• United States
22 Aug 08
I never had it happen to me, I think it would have upset me or at least made me a bit disappointed. Well, hopefully this response will bring you back up to 100 and give you, your star back.
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@winzpc (2356)
• Indonesia
22 Aug 08
First, I will say congrats for your accomplishment. You got 8 as your star number. that means that you have done a great job in here. You can increase your number of star by doing bettter and better. Talking about your number of post that reduce into 99, it because there are some of your discussion or respond was deleted. So it can be happen to all mylot members. so don't afraid, keep posting, Soon you will reach your 200th post. Keep post Happy mylotting...
@jnk3dfx (721)
• India
22 Aug 08
I have not experienced that moment yet, but will be soon. I just responded to this discussion, just to Congrats you. Congratulation Nizhama.... Enjoy MyLootingggg.