Why can't there be any healthy takeaways?

August 22, 2008 4:16am CST
When I get home from work, especially lately, I'm always too tired to cook and find that I barely have time to go shopping and stock up on food. So I resort to ringing for pizza, chinese or any other equally easy and unhealthy solution to my hunger. I find it so frustrating that there are relatively no healthy options on a takeaway menu... even the vegetarian options are loaded with grease and fat. Why can't there be anywhere that will deliver pasta or sandwiches or any other meal that can be low in fat and calories that doesn't make you regret the fact that you have no time to cook. Does anyone know if places like this exist?
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@dagda24 (367)
22 Aug 08
I don't know of any companies that deliver food like this but many places provide grocery shopping onlne and then deliver, so this may help with your food shopping? The healthiest take away food I can think of right now is Tandooris chicken from an Indian restaurant or take away. Just the chicken cooked in the tandori oven, no masala sauce. With this you would mainly just be getting whatever fat is in the chicken. With chinese you can get things like beansprouts, which are good for you and low in fat, and maybe boiled rice, but this would be quite boring! As for pizza (my favourite), even low fat versions have enough cholesterol to sink the Titanic. If you put the effort in you can get all of the major food groups on to one pizza, but the fat content is never going to be great.
22 Aug 08
Thanks for your reply. I think I might give the chicken a go one day. I'm moving next week and we have a huge supermarket right next to us so it will be easier to get shopping after work etc. Me being lazy doesn't really help either :)
@lilybug (21145)
• United States
23 Aug 08
I live in the country and there are NO places that deliver out here. When I lived in the city there was this company that would go to any restaurant of fast food and get the food that you wanted and deliver it to your front door. For a fee of course. Something like that would really make eating takeout and still eating healthy easier where you are.