Are you a cat or dog person?

August 22, 2008 7:01am CST
As far as pets go,between cats or dogs, which one do you prefer and why.I am definitely a dog person.Growing up we had both cats and dogs as pets.I think dogs are far more loyal and appreciative of their owners.They are much more affectionate and alot more fun to play with.I especially like golden labs.My parents last dog was one and I have never seen a dog who was so full of love.Also,I have never heard of a cat being instrumental in saving a persons life.As for cats being cleaner,thats just a myth.Dogs clean themselves just as much as cats do.
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• United States
24 Aug 08
im defanitly a dog person. cats are cleaner i guess but u cant walk them and there very lazy. i love dogs i like walking them and they alot energetic . i love dogs so so much . aha.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
22 Aug 08
I don't know which one to choose! I actually like both of them. We grew up with lots of cats, and I always wanted a dog. So as soon as I turned 18 and moved out I got a dog. We've had trouble with cats and dogs and good times with cats and dogs. So I guess I'm both. I think cats can be just as affectionate. I actually have heard of cats saving their owners life.
@super_jj (1417)
• Philippines
22 Aug 08
I love all animals. 8)
@randge (4)
• China
22 Aug 08
I love both of them very much. I am busy with my job those days and bofore, so i can not carry one beside me, what a pity.
22 Aug 08
I love both equally, they're different, but are both blessings and bring so much love into your life. I've heard stories of cats saving lives by warning owners about fires and even psychically predicting disasters and getting their owners out of the way first. I have two cats and they're angels. They bring so much love and happiness into my life. They're my best friends. I'd love a dog too though. I love animals!
@luvstochat (6911)
• United States
22 Aug 08
I like them both but I prefer to have a cat as a pet as they are more independent you don't have to get up in the middle of the night to let a cat outside to go to the bathroom or wipe their feet off when it is raining. They are very clean animals too and very loving they are always loving up against your legs or wanting petted at least mine are.
@lloyd2002 (182)
22 Aug 08
I'm very much a cat person, I love pussys