August 22, 2008 7:03am CST
What is the exact meaning of nuclear do you know about it. What began was an attempt to save an ailing reactor was a drive to find India a seat at the nuclear high table. Today in viena the 45-nation nuclear suppliers group will meet to debate wether India will or will not get the seat. The past three years of mind numbing of India-US nuclear talks, starting with the seperation plan to the safe gaurds agreement have been little more than preparetory work for the NSG debate. Even in the remainig vote in the US congress will be little more than the political equvalent of dotting 'i' and crossing 't'. After such a long haul, it has been almost forgotten why the NSG debate is the pinacle of the nuclear deal. It is the NSG guideline that converts the principle of the nuclear non-poliferation treaty into the hard reality of sanctions that deny's India nuclear fuel and tecnology from the rest of the world.
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