Should China have hosted the Olypics?

August 22, 2008 7:29am CST
My opinion is that there is no way that a country whose government has no concept of human rights should be given such a privelige.This was only allowed in hopes that the leaders of China will finally get with the program and and step out of the old ways and embrace the concept that the country will always be a 3rd world country unless they accept and apply changes.
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@harrywood (114)
• China
24 Aug 08
Sports is not equal to politics,ok? As an average Chinese,I don't think the Beijing authority is as dirty as you thought.MAYBE you need to come here to know more about us, not only on your media.
• Canada
24 Aug 08
Obvious you do not understand at all that I was not saying bad things about the people of china,I was saying bad things about it's leaders!!!May be YOU should read a persons comments more carefully and UNDERSTAND what they are saying (if you have that ability)before you go mouthing them off!!! Anyway,you couldn't even pay me to even go near THAT country!!! I prefer to stay in the civilized and evolved part of the world!!!
• China
24 Aug 08
Thank you for your response anyway. I DO understand what you meant by what you said. Obviously you got very bad impression of our leaderS. I'm not saying directy that you are wrong. I'm just saying, As a normal civilian from the lowest class, I never felt any bad things of our leaders. I know most of us, I mean,people all around me here,got the same idea as mine. I understand there are always different ideas of the same thing,just like you and me getting the two side of one same thing now. I'm not willing to persuade you to change your idea or something, I just want you to hear different voice.I'd like to say,most of lowest Chinese are not with you.
@mscott (1924)
• United States
22 Aug 08
They should have because they bought and paid for them. If anyone doesn't think this is about money they are fooling themselves. I am not saying China is the only country to do this, what I am saying is the Olympic committee is so crooked and corrupt that they reflect the complete opposite of what they call the Olympic spirit. Just my opinion but if you watch any of the events that are judged subjectively I think you will see money can buy a country quite a bit.