How many of you have purchased disability insurance?

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August 22, 2008 11:15am CST
As you probably know by now,I'm disabled with fibromyalgia. As it goes, my husband and I worked at the same doctors office for 5 years before I became disabled. About 2 years before I became disabled,the facility changed our health insurance package and offered us disability insurance also. I, being the optimistic one,didn't even consider signing up for that insurance because I was doing so well that I never thought the fibro. would disable me. My husband, being the responsible one, stating "you never know, anything can happen". Had me sign up for the dis. ins. Well,needless to say,about 2 years after that I was taken off work. Thank god for that insurance, it saved our lives. I recieved SSD about 1 year after I was taken off work,but that wouldn't have been soon enough, we would have lost our house, maybe everything. But my personal insurance actually paid me my full amount that I was recieving while working and I recieved my first check 1 week after I was taken off work. So actually,I never missed a paycheck.( At that time ,we were living paycheck to paycheck and also counting on our bonuses to pay some of the bills.Life was rough) And I've got to tell you. God must have been watching over us during the next thing that happened.........My husband didn't sign up for the dis. ins. because he was healthy, nothing wrong at he thought, because 5 months later,he had a massive heart attack (it was called a widowmaker, because it blocked his left coronary artery) I watched him die on the table in the ER,right before they dragged me out of the ER. Miraculously, by the grace of god and the ER staff,they brought him back. Then they had to take him into surgery and put in a stent. He should have been off work for at least 6 months, but he amazingly recovered so fast that he was released to go back to work after 2 weeks by his cardiologist!! God was watching over him. He also had 4 weeks of sick time to use and only used 2. He now has disability insurance.You never know how things are going to work out, or what's going to happen in your life. So, after that story,real life. How many of you have disability insurance available to you? How many of you have disability insurance? And how many of you are going to get disability insurance after reading what happened to us? We were very very lucky. I almost lost the love of my life and we could have lost our house,car ect.
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@momalisa65 (1980)
• United States
25 Aug 08
Wow, that was terrible, but amazing. Are you really only 42? That's my age. I always thought I was old, but after reading everything you went through, it sounds like you are too young to have gone through all of that already. I am self employed so I don't know if I could get that disability insurance. Right now I am going through a problem with my shoulder and it's very hard to work with just one arm. (I do home and office cleaning) I just had an MRI done last week but haven't got the results yet. Before now, I wouldn't have even read a discussion like this one. I thought nothing would ever make me slow down in my work.
• United States
25 Aug 08
Yes I am really only 42!!lol. but I usually don't think of it as ONLY 42,because there are more days than not that I feel 80. I think you can get disability insurance from an independent insurance company. I hear you, I too though nothing would hold me back. I had a very active childhood and was still very active until the fibro progressed to the point of "knocking" me down. It's nice to meet another 42 year old on here. I always wonder how old everyone is.Some,you can kind of guess,and some you can't. Nice to meet you Lisa.
@paid2write (5201)
23 Aug 08
It seems your husband made an amazing recovery and I hope he will stay well now. When I took out a mortgage, the salesman tried to persuade me to buy this type of insurance. I looked at the diseases it covered, and the list of those that it would not cover, and I decided against it. I was single and I thought the mortgage would be the last thing I would worry about if one of those diseases prevented me from working. Since then I have sold my property and I rent one now. If I ever have a serious health problem I could apply for benefits.