which key is important

November 5, 2006 6:34am CST
bacspace or enter is important
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@Thewishlady (1046)
• Netherlands
5 Nov 06
I would say backspace... Else it would get messy, I sometimes type too fast and make mistakes... so I really need that backspace..
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• India
5 Nov 06
if u do not enter then the mseeage will not b sent
@zeus1a (1047)
• Netherlands
5 Nov 06
I would stay enter is more important!
• India
5 Nov 06
y so
@EvrWonder (3575)
• Canada
21 Oct 07
Enter is than backspace in which computer key is important. Thinking dos and if I had to choose one or the other. Enter can be a hazard if used recklessly however. What can little 'ol bacspace do in comparison? Enter, hands down.
@Huying (389)
• China
10 Oct 07
I don't know why you would ask such question.Obviously,all button in keyboard are important for us.In order to write an article or disign a draw,we must use any button.Certainly,some button will be used more times,but this doesn't mean it is more important than other button.Do you think so?
@MrPahn (173)
• Philippines
12 Sep 07
I'd go for enter. If you are talking about the keyboard from the PC we are using, it has more function. But if you are talking about life, Entering challenges is really better than backing of from it ^_^
@eprado (1470)
• Philippines
8 Sep 07
Hello darshan1771, I believe that the enter key is more important. Why? Because its more commonly used than backspace is on all software and websites that we use or visit. At the end of everything we type or do we need to press enter to get it done. Without the enter key we can not enter.
@lovedude (4451)
• India
1 Jun 07
its just upto the person and usage, both have own importance, i would say eveykey has its own importance, without enter you can't go in child directory or can't send message and of course while writing this answer I have used backspace ;) to remove the typing error
@angel_27 (129)
• United States
1 Jun 07
Although in my opinion i find both important i guess id have to say backspace is more important because it deletes mistakes and with enter if anything u dont really have to hit it u can use the mouse.
@Neo_Knights (1882)
• Indonesia
1 Jun 07
hmmm... this is hard.. I guess the back space is important, because it has two function, to delete and to back to previous page, right ?