@NrgDfenZ (1810)
August 22, 2008 4:18pm CST
Hi all Do you believe in God ? Now you wonder why is he asking me that when in the title it says Satan. Well the reason I ask you that is because if you believe in God then you must also believe in Satan. There can't be good without evil, can there ? Do do you believe in God and Satan ? Thx
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@mamacathie (3928)
• United States
23 Aug 08
I believe in God and I do believe that satan exists. He is very much alive and kicking and seeing who he can sway in his direction. God has given us the freedom of choice and satan is there to try to persuade us to made his choices. We have a challenge going on in our lives continually to choose God's way, the right way and not to let satan sway us in any way. Have a blessesd day!
@jaffna (778)
• India
22 Aug 08
yep!that's this world everything has a there must be satan against God too though he is powerless before the strengths of our almighty..i think it's because of evil,some destructions of life are making us suffer..
@ellie333 (21018)
22 Aug 08
Yes I do, God, Devil, Good, Evil just a letter out really. Good always wins though as it is the higher poswr God so I open the Bible on Psalm 91 and know I am protected by God's love. Ellie :D