controversial writing?????..........

August 22, 2008 4:41pm CST
So, is it the policy of mylot users to only reply to what interests them in a good way, or are you also responding to those topics which start controversy, whether or not it be on purpose?? It's easy to delve into a topic which interests us, and to fully give ourselves over to our own points of view, but it isn't just one person on my lot, it's over 100,000. There are other people on this planet. Are we close minded, or do we accept people for who they are??? My beliefs are simple: 1) Jesus died and rose again three days later, and for that I am spending eternity in Heaven. 2) I am interested to see what your opinion is on this discussion. 3) I want to know what else others are writing on mylot, and talk to them like people and NOT personally attack all of their points of view, I want to know why they believe the things that they do, from them. 4) ABORTION IS HOMICIDE IN MY OPINION.
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@dawnald (84070)
• Shingle Springs, California
22 Aug 08
I respond to discussions that interest me, controversial or not. If it is a controversial topic, I think out my response very, very carefully before I hit submit.
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