Verification of alertpay account

August 22, 2008 7:57pm CST
I have registered for alertpay personal starter some months ago,but all this while i never realized that i have not yet verified my account. Today only I came to know about it. In order to verify I need to submit some legal documents of mine. Well, is this verification really compulsory or without doing so, can we still receive and withdraw money? Can anyone explain to me how important it is to verify the alertpay account and how does it work? Thanks
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@suria5231 (147)
• Malaysia
23 Aug 08
Yes you can still send and recieve money online using alertpay even if you are UNverified. The advantages of being a verified Alertpay account are outlined in their FAQ. According to their explanation, Verification allows them to know you as a client and therefore helps to prevent fraud. So it is also for your own protection especially if your alertpay amount is quite substantial.
• Pakistan
23 Aug 08
well thanx tht help me to!
• Singapore
23 Aug 08
hi thanks for your help. Now, I understand about this. Anyways, as I am really lazy to verify so i won't. Ok, just one more thing. I thought that if we refer the site to others, we get some certain amount. One person was refered by me and registered under my referral link, but i didn't get any $$$$ in my account. Can you please explain to me again about this? I can mail them, but they take too long to answer mails so i find it more convenient to get quick answers from here. Thanks again