So today is friday, where is my mass payout?

United States
August 22, 2008 8:42pm CST
Sooo, I joined this site recently. Cash Delight. Two very popular sites support it and yet.. i'm still waiting for my payout. It tells me 1 POINT = 0.035c 0.035x100=$3.50. In which case i've hit their minimum payout of $2. Alright, let's go further. This is further into the site and I get this figure: Convert 100 Points to $0.035 Cash (Automatic) ~ Cost: 100 Points So where they said that 1 point= 0.035c, I assume that was a lie? and.. in fact, 100 points equal that? I'm totally lost. Anyone familiar with this site that can help me? I clicked a lot of Ad's and if all I get for clicking all the ad's I clicked is $0.03 then i'm definitely going to have to drop this site, even if it does pay.
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• Hong Kong
23 Aug 08
Hi .. Mr Louie.. I saw you message .. and I would like to ask ... share something.. I am very very new to this forum. As far as i am concern...the only way we can earn income thru this forum is when we send message ( s) and reply to message(s) . am i right ? So , i am also...want to know if someone can really explain actually members can earn decent income thru this forum thank you
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