World's Top 10 Cities

August 22, 2008 11:20pm CST
I love to travel. I may not have the resources and the time to do it a lot but if given an opportunity, I would definitely go places. That's why, if there is someplace interesting mentioned in an article or a TV show, I take note of it. As I was browsing through the internet, I came across this list that states the World's Top 10 Cities. I would love to visit all these places. There are some that I was able to visit already. But I would definitely make sure to visit the rest. I got this list from 1. Bangkok, Thailand (BEEN HERE!!!!) 2. Buenos Aires, Argentina 3. Cape Town, South Africa 4. Sydney, Australia 5. Florence, Italy 6. Cusco, Peru 7. Rome, Italy 8. New York City (BEEN HERE!!!!) 9. Istanbul, Turkey 10. San Francisco (BEEN HERE!!!!) Wow, it's amazing to see that some of the places I have been fortunate to visit are included in the list of the top cities in the world. I would really try to see all the other ones as well. How about you? Where have you been? What makes you decide to visit the place?
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@maximax8 (29129)
• United Kingdom
23 Aug 08
I have been to three of those cities, those are Sydney, Istanbul and San Francisco. I agree they are beautiful cities and Sydney will always be my favorite city. I love to see cities with a water front position, interesting sights or attractive architecture. I adore Sydney's harbor position and its beaches north and south. It has the white sails of the opera house and the gray harbor bridge. San Francisco is my second favorite city in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge is a fantastic sight. I liked it in Istanbul with the Blue Mosque. Cities on the list that I haven't yet but would love to go to are Bangkok, Cape Town, Buenos Aires and Cusco. I love to travel. Here is my list of personal favorite cities that I have been to so far: 1. Sydney 2. San Francisco 3. Dubrovnik 4. Budapest 5. Prague 6. Salzburg 7. Lisbon 8. Istanbul
@maximax8 (29129)
• United Kingdom
20 Sep 08
Thanks for giving me the best response.
@greenline (14858)
• Canada
31 Aug 08
I do travel to different parts of the world, mostly on business trips. Out of the list you showed, I have been to Bangkok, Rome, and New York City. Ofcourse to other Cities in Europe, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen too. All very beautiful places in their unique ways !