A joint afgahn-U.S coalition military operation kills 78,50 of thoes civilian.

United States
August 23, 2008 8:39am CST
If you read this article,How can you not see how sad this is. Inteligence said mullah siddiq who is a talliban commander was inside this compound having a meeting over militants. while all the while that information was wrong. I am not sure wether it was our inteligence,or if it was afgahnastans intelligence BUT either way. intel made that mistake! wich lead to the death of so many innocent peoples lives. Some say it was a mix of mostly women and children. another said atleast 50 children all under the age or 15 and the rest adult... out of 78 people only 13 of them had anything to do with mullah. THEN! Afhagn soldiers go to the village of the people wich they killed,nd tried to give the the villagers food and clothes. well if someone just killed 50 of our children. do really want anything from them??. seriously. so they began to throw stones at the soldiers. who in return fired shots in the air wounding 8 more:( 1 was a child who now is in critical condition. Can you beleive, that all of this from one mistake?? People have to be veary carefull because just like this one mistake can cost the lives of alot of people... And the last people i would have thought made that mistake. intelligence! What do you think should happen to this one intel worker?. I mean i am still debating myself wether i think it was on purpose or really a mistake.... i mean people have to of seen 50 children IF ITS REAL,go into this compound. and you are intel and you made this mistake? Im sorry but intel doesnt make these kind of mistakes. I dont know. If found it was done on purpose, i think he should be put into a freezer right before his body freezes,pull him out warm him up and repeat 50 times.... thats the closest you can come to death and be brang back to life each time... so it will be like he is experiencing what he put these people through.. If found that it was an honest mistake. i beleive he should still be punished. but i couldnt say how... my heart would be 50/50 each way. i wouldnt beable to make a decision. what about you?. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080823/ap_on_re_as/afghan_violence
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