What makes you best friends?

@peach25 (188)
August 23, 2008 9:58am CST
I always keep in touch with my best friend even were too far from each other, we still sharing secrets and feelings as we do it like when we were together. But, I don't consider her as my best friend because she is telling me her darkest secret, all I know is, she was my bes friend because she never let me hit the ground when i was really down.
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@besthope44 (12135)
• India
18 Jul 10
Love makes us best friends, yes its my wife.
• India
26 Aug 08
hi, according to me best friends are those who knows everything about u and he already know how wil u react on particular situation in advance and he knows in advance when u be happy and when u will be sad without asking u. best friends are those who can not imagine life without u..
• Philippines
25 Aug 08
its really a good thing that your bestfriend have trust in you. It just show that she really love you. I just missed my bestfriend, like you guys, we also shared lotsa things in life. i love her so much! and i cannot afford to loose her. she is such an inspiration to me.
@dheal888 (283)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 08
You're true but you can help her when she's down too. As a friend, we always to make our friends like family, always help, shared, and anything. Yes, for better life even we don't consider with her done.
@amitpuri (457)
• India
23 Aug 08
I think the most important in the friendship is the trust and the affection for each other.Just making the friends is not the only thing that matters but the main thing is the better understanding the situation of the other friend and helping them according the need without any sort of discrimination and self intension. So what i think is that the most important to prove to be the best friend is to help your friends in each and every condition whether it is normal or there is some problem.