Did you watch the Olympics last night? Americans drop their batoon

United States
August 23, 2008 11:35am CST
Hi, has anybody there able to watch the olympics the other night? Americans were playing for final round in 400m relay, they were leading but the last person drop the batoon. So they were disqualified... Oppss the women did the way! What a mess! We just lose two medals right there...huhuhu
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• United States
23 Aug 08
Yeah, it really sucks, we could have slowed down and been more careful and we would have been okay, we just try to hard sometimes for success and it literally falls through our hands... It's quite tragic, but if they dropped it then they didn't deserve the gold, I suppose they just weren't good enough haha. I wish they would have pulled through it though, we are known to drop batons in Olympic history while holding the lead, we are cursed are something haha. Oh well, we have a lot of other gold medals and star athletes (cough cough cough, Michael Phelps!). As long as we stay ahead of the Chinese overall I am happy haha, though I wish we pulled ahead in gold medals! I am following the gymnastic controversy so we may gain 2 golds and some silvers from all of that if the committee does the right thing and strips the medals from the lying and cheating team, I sound harsh though haha. Anyways, happy mylotting and have a great day or night!