Facebook commpared to Myspace

United States
August 23, 2008 12:15pm CST
Which do you prefer? which has more benefits? Which onlin community is more geared towards marketing/
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25 Aug 08
I'm a member of both and i've got to say i prefer facebook it has enabled me to find old school friends that i havn't seen for years and for people that enjoy online gaming there are some fantastic, rather addictive games there! And have i have moved around alot it is a cheeper way of talking to friends, you dont have to pay for the long phone calls. I admit the invites for the applications start doing your head in but you can ignore them and block them so you dont get any. I log on to facebook everyday i couldn't live withoput it!!
• India
24 Aug 08
myself too has both id's but i find both cluttered with many itmes and also on my slw net connections it takes a lot of time so now i am using this site now a days they are modifying their sites so i think they will improve about marketing , i dont have that know how but check out this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_social_networking_websites for total number of users on social sites and their owners